The Case of Lucy

Dr Nevena Mikova
28 August 2013
Lucy was a 14-month-old kitten. A few days earlier, it had tumbled and fractured the femur bone in the region of the hip. There were no external injuries.
Its owners followed a healthy lifestyle and chose phytotherapy and homeopathy when they fell ill. They wanted the same type of treatment for their kitten.
Dr Kirilov from the Good Idea Veterinary Clinic was the physician in charge of Lucy. His suggestion was to excise the femoral head, as it was dislocated in the fracture. That surgical treatment is successfully applied to the frequent hip dysplasia in cats.
We discussed Lucy’s general condition with Dr Kirilov on the phone. It was not deteriorated and there were no contaminated external injuries. He agreed to start administering a solution of the recommended homeopathic medication, while Lucy was still in the phase of post-operative hospitalisation. We were both of the opinion that the kitten had to be closely monitored so as to modify the therapy, if needed.
Surgery was scheduled for 29 August 2013. During the intervention Lucy received a dose of Tercef intravenously and analgetics. The kitten was treated only with homeopathic medication after the end of the operation.
I explained to the owners that the case was not to be underestimated and the kitten’s condition had to be monitored so as to add antibiotics, if necessary. After all, it was a fracture and surgical opening of the hip joint.
Lucy was recovering at a remarkable speed. On 1 September 2013, a blood count was made during the follow-up medical examination and the results were the following:
All indicators were within the normal range. On 5 September 2013, a week after the surgery, the owners said: “She feels better and better. She is even running around a bit and playing. Thank you for all your help!” I thanked them for their commitment. During the first three post-operative days, all members of Lucy’s family were involved in the therapy. They took turns to stay on duty and make sure that Lucy took the solution of homeopathic medication on an hourly basis. The merit for the successful treatment goes primarily to them.
Lucy’s homeopathic prescription:
Arnica Montana 9CH
Bryonia 9CH
Chamomilla Vulgaris 15CH
Ten granules of each medication are dissolved in 200 ml of water. Initially, 2-3 ml of the solution are administered at each 30 minutes or an hour, and then the intervals gradually become longer.
In closing, I would like to point out that Lucy recovered much faster than kittens treated conventionally after similar surgery. Lucy really gave a nice surprise to the doctors in charge of her treatment.