Nevena Mikova My name is Nevena Mikova. I qualified as a veterinary surgeon from the University of Forestry and Agriculture in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2000. Pets have always been my passion and I have started working with them since I’ve been a student and continued after that. Several years later I gave birth to two boys, 18 month apart from each other. Unfortunately (or not) they were often suffering from various diseases – coryza, sneezing, couth, vomiting and the list goes on. Each time they’ve been prescribed an antibiotic drug and contrary to what I’ve expected, they did not recover completely. Finally they’ve been diagnosed as kids with bronchial asthma with an inhalant corticosteroid to be applied every day. Then I realised that i need to try something else. And that was homeopathy. I haven’t even imagined that homeopathy will cure them.

I’ve been very interested in this amazing curing method and in 2006 I completed two years homeopathic learning course for doctors, as homeopathic courses for vets haven’t been available in Bulgaria yet. My kids were my first patients. After that came my family and friends. Now I use Homeopathy in my everyday practice as a vet.dog-getting-shot

I am happy and proud of sharing my experience now.
My patients just love homeopathic pills because they are sweet and do not cause pain during administration.

Pills are applied oraly and could be diluted in water.