What is homeopathy?
Homeopathy is therapeutic method, invented by Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann at the end of 18th century. The most important characteristic is that the substances, that are used, are diluted hundred times and that is the reason for their increased power. Allium cepa homeopathic medicineLet`s have a look at the onion. When we cut onions, we start sneezing, our nose and eyes start producing colorless discharge. The homeopathic remedy, made from onion, is called Allium cepa. So, Allium cepa is suitable for any condition, connected with sneezing and colorless discharges from nose and eyes.

Why in many cases homeopathy is better choice instead of traditional medicine?
Homeopathy is a harmless medicine and in the same time a very strong acting one. It is a better choice for small and pregnant dogs and cats, for animals with intolerance to other drugs, and when traditional drugs fail to cover the disease. Homeopathic drugs are administered orally without injections and pain. They are sweet small pellets and pets just love them.

Which cases are appropriate for homeopathic treatment?
Many acute ailments of respiratory and gastrointestinal systems are suitable for a homeopathic treatment. Some diseases, affecting the skin and the ears are applicable as well, especially allergies. Many chronic, inflammatory conditions recover after homeopathic treatment.
The benefit of homeopathy during preparation for any surgery, is notable. Try it and you will love it forever.
Anyway we can`t list here all the conditions that would be improved, but you can always ask us. Please do not hesitate to write us!