Welcome to HomeoVet ONLINE, our internet service, providing homeopathic consultation and advice for pets.

HomeoVet is a veterinary center, situated in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Our patients are dogs, cats and other domestic animals. Homeopathy becomes the favourite medical treatment for many pet owners. They see a quick relieve for many acute disorders without injectable drugs, without going to the vet everyday, without stress for the pet and for the owner. Hence friends of homeopathy increase quickly.

Homeopathy, the natural medicine, is becoming more and more popular during last decades. Many people become convinced in benefits of treatment with homeopathy and look for the same treatment for their pets. They often call us by phone, asking for help and homeopathic treatment for different ailments of their pets. All this led us to the decision that we must try to find a proper form to offer consultation online for the relieve of different complaints in dogs and cats, if applicable and when the case is suitable for homeopathic treatment.