Dr Nevena Mikova
Over the past twelve months, we have observed a substantial increase of the number of pet dogs brought to our clinic because of warts of various sizes in the mouth. The etiology is rather diverse but here I would focus on the cases of papillomatosis, a benign condition of the skin and the mucous membrane. The agent is the papilloma virus and the condition takes three forms: oral, ocular and cutaneous.
I am happy to note that 100% of the pets treated for papillomatosis at our clinic recovered completely only as a result of homeopathic therapy. The fastest to recover was the retriever Mikey (only a couple of days) and Sara’s treatment took the longest: one month. Mikey had just one oral growth of 3–4 mm in diameter, whereas Sara had many more papillomas. None of our patients was recommended surgical treatment or another type of invasive therapy.
Diana’s case of cutaneous papillomatosis is worth mentioning here. She had a single growth on the back and it disappeared of its own some twenty days after the homeopathic treatment started.
The therapy is always individualised in accordance with the terrain of the patient. However, the most common homeopathic medication is the following:
Calcarea Carbonica – a single round, thick wart
Silicea – general immune stimulating effect
Thuya – proliferative processes
Dulcamara – flat, smooth, transparent warts
Nitricum Acidum – broad yellowish, hyperkeratotic growths
Antimonium Crudum – calloused, hyperkeratotic and thick warts

Cinnabaris – multiple erythematous infected warts
The objective of homeopathic therapy is to stimulate the inherent recuperative mechanisms of the organism and to fully eliminate the virus, unlike the surgical treatment, which is aimed at eliminating the growth, without any guarantees for the removal of the virus from the organism. It is relevant at this juncture to tell the story of our friend Assalie. Assalie had developed cutaneous papillomatosis above the left eyelid. The growth had been excised surgically seven or eight months earlier. When Assalie came to us, a new papilloma developed where the excision was made. Two weeks after the start of the homeopathic therapy, the wart disappeared on its own.