First Aid in Travel

Back-To-School-And-DogsAs spring is coming and nature is awakening, we tend to think ever more frequently of travelling, holidays, walks in blooming fields and the aroma of lush grass. However, unforeseeable events may occur during any travel and we would better be prepared. First aid with homeopathy is often enough to bring about rapid stabilisation of the condition. Besides, it can successfully impact discomfort during travel.
The medication typically used in such cases is the following:
Ipeca 9 СН is suitable for dogs that salivate abundantly during travel. This condition is due to nausea and is often accompanied by mucus vomiting. There is no thirst. It is recommendable that the first dose of Ipeca be administered several hours prior to departure, followed by another dose at the time of departure. Usually this is enough to make the trip genuinely exciting.

Sedatif PC is a combined medicinal product consisting of several active substances. It is suitable for conditions of anxiety, tension, irritability and stress. It is effective in pets travelling by plane or another type of transport that is new and therefore stressful to them. It can also be useful when the pet is about to take part in an exhibition or to be involved in any situation related to anxiety. The administration of this medication should start two or three days prior to the event, one or two tablets daily. The great advantage of Sedatif PC is that it does not cause drowsiness and does not affect the ability to concentrate.
Arnica 9 СН is the greatest medication to treat injuries in homeopathy. It is successfully used for all types of injuries, bites and traumas. Recovery is very rapid when the medication is administered immediately after the injury occurs. Remember that the use of Arnica does not exclude the need for an examination by a specialist.
Aconitum 15 СН is used in cases of acute onset of an inflammatory process due to exposure to cold, neuralgia, rhinopharyngitis, as well as heat stroke or sunstroke, one dose every two or three hours. If no improvement is observed within 24 hours, a specialist has to be consulted.
Apis Mellifica 15 СН is recommended in cases of insect stings, flea bites, which are very itchy and accompanied by swelling, alleviated with cold compresses. A dose is administered on an hourly basis. It is also very effective in allergic reaction with swelling and itching.
Oscillococcinum is a medicinal product traditionally used for prevention and treatment of flu-like conditions in their early stage, such as fever, chills and fatigue. A dose is administered every two or three hours after the initial symptoms occur. The medication slows down the flu progression. It is appropriate to combine it with other medicinal products for the specific condition. This treatment does not exclude consultation with a specialist.
This is the first aid combination that I recommend to any dog or cat owner. It will make your day and your trip more pleasant with minimum efforts.
All these medicinal products are sold over the counter at pharmacies and do not require any special storage conditions.
I wish you many unforgettable moments in the coming spring!